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Miracles & More Liquid Concealer for Warm Tones

No matter how beautiful your skin, dark circles can shine through, leaving you looking exhausted. That’s why if you want to look your best, you should use a creamy concealer, like our long-wearing liquid concealer, that’s infused with collagen, to help reduce puffiness.

And, you may not know this little tip…

The best way to apply concealer to your under eye circles is using a pointed makeup brush. First add a drop of moisturizer to the tip of the brush and then concealer, so that it spreads smoothly and apply in small stripes.

Next, blend using your ring finger.

Our Liquid concealer offers a Medium coverage. It's quick dry, a water resistant & a long wear formula.

Best for mature skin as it's formulated as an Anti-aging formula with collagen that helps reduce puffiness.

Completely Covers Dark circles. 

Non-transferable to clothes, stay put formula.

Warm skin tone leans toward golden, yellow, or peachy skin undertone. If your skin undertone is warm, the color of your veins on the surface of your skin is more on the green side.

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